Do I have to keep it frozen?

Yes! Don’t let your veggies thaw on the counter.  Use just as much as you need and store the rest in the freezer.


Are your vegetables fresh?

Our products contain individually quick frozen (IQF) vegetables. These are vegetables that were chopped and frozen immediately after harvest to preserve flavor. No additives or preservatives are used during this process.


Are Rooster & Lark skillets vegan?


Our Southwest skillet and Rocky Mountain skillet are vegan, and our Greek skillet is vegetarian.  


Are Rooster & Lark skillets gluten free?




Are Rooster & Lark skillets loaded with added sodium?


Nope! There is no added salt in our skillets. Always feel free to add a dash of your own!


Are Rooster & Lark skillets paleo friendly?


Yes! Our Southwest skillet and Rocky Mountain skillet are 100% paleo friendly, and our Greek skillet contains only a small amount of full fat feta cheese.


How many breakfasts does each bag contain?


Each bag makes approximately 4 breakfasts (1/2 cup Rooster & Lark with 2-3 fresh eggs). Use 12 eggs to prepare the entire bag.